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Finding the perfect child care.....

Selecting the right provider and learning center for your precious child is a big decision. We understand each parent wants to make the right choice for their child. We care for your child like you would. We mean, "We become the parents away from the parents". We provide a safe and fun environment in our home. Our goal is to develop a routine that can be easily implemented in our facility and at home. Our approach will help your child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We establish a healthy partnership with all our parents to ensure their child thrives. Our partnership consists of constant communication of daily achievements and celebration of major milestones.

Because we understand the importance of selecting the right center and gaining peace of mind that your child will be cared for to your highest standards; we encourage you consider all your options.


When making your final decision you must be as happy as you expect your child to be!

Here are some questions to consider.  Parents Checklist :


- Does the provider communicate daily with parents about their childs progress?
- Does the provider seem patient, respectful and receptive to childrens needs?
- Does the provider encourage childrens sharing, manners and other good behaviors?


- Is your initial feeling positive?
- Is this a place my child would enjoy?
- Would my child be safe here?
- Would I/we feel comfortable using this program?
- Would my child learn new things every day at this program?


- Do the children have a consistent routine that they can understand and follow?
- Do the children seem occupied and engaged?
- Is there a policy on discipline?
- Do the children seem happy?


- Does the facility appear orderly and clean?
- Are hazardous materials locked away?
- Is there an emergency plan and is it posted?
- Is there a policy for sick children and other circumstances?

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