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Health of body and mind is important to us. We pride ourselves in serving home cooked meals and healthy snacks. We incorporate gardening into our Preschool program under the subject of science. We teach children the growth cycle of plants from seeds to germination to fruit/vegetable baring plants. We incorporate exploration of garden insects and teach children how insects and plants co-exist.


In the spring and summer, many fruits and vegetables are organically grown and go straight from our garden to our children's plates.


Along with our garden program, we have incorporated  "Fun in the Kitchen" activities that encourage children to explore new fruits and vegetables while learning with math.


An example of this is our "roll a dice pizza" game. A child rolls a dice and is taught to identify the number rolled. The child selects a veggie of choice and later counts the number of tomato chunks, onion slices, etc. to put on their personal pizza. This is a fun game that incorporates math while having fun preparing a snack/meal.

We almost exclusively serve our organically grown fruits and vegetables when in season. We try to avoid serving processed foods and prefer healthier alternatives.


A monthly menu is provided to our parents clearly outlining our lunch and snacks.

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